Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[GUIDE] Installing Honeycomb on your Flyer

As you probably know, a Beta version of the Honeycomb ROM has leaked for the Flyer. Installing the ROM has been somewhat fraught with danger, so i've written up a guide below.


  • This process is recommended for experts only!
  • This guide is only tested on a Euro WWE 32GB 3G Flyer - it may work on other configurations, but this is untested (i'd advise reading the topic to see if anyone has experimented with your configuration!)
  • Anything you do from this point forward is at your own risk - my Flyer works and i've resurrected a couple of others, but I take no responsibility if it all goes horribly wrong. You COULD brick your tablet
  • Do NOT under any circumstances run the RUU in it's entirety nor 'fastboot flash' - this will make irreversible changes that you don't want!
  • Be careful if you flash any RUUs or do anything that could revert you to S-ON on a broken system - this could leave you stuck

With that out of the way, here are some things you also need to know...
  • Before attempting this, it is strongly recommended you ensure you have a RUU install that makes your current Gingerbread install version
  • Assuming you use this guide and have the above file, you CAN downgrade to Gingerbread
  • This ROM is COMPLETELY stock - a MCR will follow
  • Please don't repost this guide - link here so the version the reader has is always current

OK, Are You Ready......? Let's go..!!
  • Ensure you have an RUU that matches the ROM version on your Flyer. I used the 2.00.405.3 WWE ROM which can be found here - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 28a32c0b1262ced44a547e4a9a42d9b0. This is important for rollback purposes and disaster recovery purposes. Ensuring you have the RUU and your device version matches is your responsibility! If you use a different RUU however, post it below for your peers to benefit from.
  • Download the Honeycomb system image for clockworkmod - you'll need this later - DOWNLOAD - MD5: a068750ade064f4fe3913fe9e13d976f
  • Download the Honeycomb radio image - you'll need this later - DOWNLOAD - MD5: d6b36ccb1cbdc0a86f41a8f63b7ae52f
  • Download the Honeycomb boot image - you'll need this later - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 26f53c6a6e686751e300340af7496b8c
  • Download the revolutionary recovery image patched for new hboot compatability - you'll need this later - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 16fe327f70c3036af69c19ec93b87e44
  • Download the updated hboot - you'll need this later - ensure you check the MD5 after download (VERY important) - DOWNLOAD - MD5: 2eb541192be861ecceb2baa254403ade
  • Unlock your Flyer's bootloader with Revolutionary.
  • You should still be in bootloader - if not, use 'adb reboot bootloader' to return to fastboot
  • Flash your device's radio with the Honeycomb radio with the fastboot command 'fastboot flash radio stock-hc-flyer-radio.img'
  • Flash your device's boot image with the Honeycomb boot image with the fastboot command 'fastboot flash boot stock-hc-flyer-boot.img'
  • Launch ClockworkMod recovery - navigate to the 'bootloader' menu then select 'recovery'
  • Push the new hboot to your device (you've checked the MD5 right?) and flash - 'adb push stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 / && adb shell dd if=/stock-hc-flyer-hboot_1.11.0006.nb0 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18'
  • Reboot to the new bootloader - 'adb reboot bootloader'
  • You are now in a state where you must unlock the bootloader using the HTC tools - visit and follow the instructions (Flyer compatability isn't listed, but it'll work)
  • Flash your device's recovery with the patched-to-work-with-new-hboot revolutionary recovery - 'fastboot flash recovery revolutionary-cwm-'
  • Launch ClockworkMod recovery - navigate to the 'bootloader' menu then select 'recovery'
  • Flash the Honeycomb system zip by copying / pushing to sdcard (adb shell mount /sdcard && adb push /sdcard/) then using the on screen menus
  • Erase data / cache using the on screen menus
  • Reboot the device and you should be done!

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