Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Z3X BOX Samsung 3G/2G Tool v.11.3 released

Samsung 3G/2G Tool v.11.3 released

Again only world first!

- Added support for C5180 (Flash, unlock/read codes, read/reset user code)
- Added support for I9018 (Flash, unlock/read codes, repair EFS/IMEI)
- Added support for S5578 (Unlock/read codes, repair IMEI)
- Fixed saving Log file
- Again many files upload to support area

- Added Unlock and Media patch for softbank phones:

840SC - 840SCKC1
920SC - 920SCJG3
930SC - 930SCJG1
940SC - 940SCKB1
941SC - 941SCJJ1

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